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 tricks and tips

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PostSubject: tricks and tips   tricks and tips EmptyMon Aug 02, 2010 11:20 am

These are Some tips and tricks I have picked up from playing and reading posts on this forum, all rapped into one hopefully stickied post.

The #1 thing every CA player should always do is be open to new strategy.

Keep getting killed?
A:try something new

Game getting boring?
A:try a new gun

Experienced players will notice almost instantly what kind of player you are and will be able to predict what you will do.

For example, when you are getting shot at and you need to reload or hide, it's always a good idea to run for cover. Thing is most people will then try to camp out there assailiant. WRONG thing to do. What you should do is as soon as you are done reloading or whatever start prefiring around the corner.You will most likely catch them sprinting to your camping spot.
(This is a special scenario where aiming isn't needed)

The second most important thing to do is to play to your style.

Who gives a Hehe whats fun or whats not, if you want to pwn some noobs you buy the right guns, the right attatchments, and the right armor.

A "right" gun would be the g36e.
Or the L96a1
or even the m416
or maybe even an ump

All these guns are used by pro's and months of experience has shown them to be superior to other guns.
Also don't worry about secondary, or nades. They won't do you much good.

Buy a vest!
I can't stress how important it is to buy a vest.
Remember play to your style.
If you want to rush, choose the light vest.
If you want to tank, choose the heavy vest.
Simple as that.

#3 most important rule is AIM.

Don't start shooting before you have even aimed at your target.
It's a waste of ammo, and will most likely get you killed.

Also if your gun has massive recoil don't spray that shit.
rapid mouse clicks will do the job easier and quicker.

And when you are spraying at your target, try not to predict when your enemy is dead. I see it time and again, someone thought someone would be dead because they have played for so long and know how many bullets it takes to kill a person. What those people don't always see is when that one guy with the heavy vest pops in and kills them because he takes longer to kill.

#4 most important rule is to never camp for too long.

Once you have killed someone chances are they know where you are and WILL try to kill you. Always be mobile. Never stay in a place to long.
The camper never wins, remember that.

Remember this and I promise you, you will see an improvement in your game. Very Happy i hope this helps u guys

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tricks and tips
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