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 Mahem Mod (Halo Trial)

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PostSubject: Mahem Mod (Halo Trial)   Sat Aug 07, 2010 8:00 am


Lol... Just look at the features


1) Pistol Shoots Tank Shells (BOOM)
2) Pistol Unlimited Ammo
3) Sniper Unlimited Ammo
4) Teleporters Send you to a bridge Closest to that base (Look at picture)
5) Both Bridges are laced with Snipers
6) More Pistols at each base
7) Pistols have no spread

In halo trial there is spread just your cross hair doesn't show it

--Screen Shots--

~~Virus Scan~~

-=╩▒Download▒╩=- ?bbshcxasbcrewlc
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Mahem Mod (Halo Trial)
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