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 CFHACKS PUB Hot key Hack

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PostSubject: CFHACKS PUB Hot key Hack   CFHACKS PUB Hot key Hack EmptyWed Jul 07, 2010 3:49 am

OK i coded the first Pub hotkey hack for this site so here it is

Features:Numpad keys

3 = speed
4 = no spread
5 = tracers
6 = super jump
up = fly
down = fall
8 = suicide
9 =cross hair
end - windowed
Cham auto on
fps auto on

CFHACKS PUB Hot key Hack Combat-Arms_99
CFHACKS PUB Hot key Hack Combat-Arms_101
CFHACKS PUB Hot key Hack Combat-Arms_100

scan 1
Me for coding this
Marko for fixing all of the errors that happen
CFHACKS PUB Hot key Hack
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CFHACKS PUB Hot key Hack
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