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 How not to get caught w/ hacks!

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How not to get caught w/ hacks! Empty
PostSubject: How not to get caught w/ hacks!   How not to get caught w/ hacks! EmptySat Jul 10, 2010 7:34 am

This is Leeched
Credits will appear as u read along.
Thanks are appreciated.
Made By: maxx2341
Co-Creator/Helpers: u54222 & -HyDrOe-

This a list of helpful ways for you to become a good hacker and be sneaky with it.
Most of them are a little short because I forgot 2/3s of what I wrote on my first list...I backspaced by mistake and it took me to the last page I was on before this and I lost the whole list I made...[It was a really good long list xP])

Notice: Anything with a "~" I forgot most of the stuff and was about a paragraph long and now they're about 2sentences.

__________________________________________________ ______________
They will be trying to update this list when they come up with anything new,
and ill be here to leech.
__________________________________________________ ______________

The Less Risky way not to get Caught: Don't do any hacks that can get you banned and make people know you're hacking. As in don't do fly hacks, Glitching, speeding, etc. Just do no recoil and chams but not to much. Don't tell people that you think you befriended someone during the game that you do hack. They can still report you and you wouldn't even know about it.

If someone is calling you a hacker: If it's only 1 person calling you a hacker or two, just say they suck a few times and after a while ignore them. Don't ever say you're legit because you're not...~

GMs/Admins: If there's a GM/Admin in the same room as you, don't hack at all. Just play regular, don't use "no recoil/spread, speed, chams, or any hack". It's the easiest way to be safe and not get banned. Or you just can leave the game and join another game.~

High K/Drs: If you're a low rank(Below Sargent First Class) Don't have a K/Dr above 1.80, because it shows to people that you're not legit and most will know you're a hacker. Only about 1 out of 10 people are legit enough for a K/Dr that high at low rank without hacks. If you have a high K/Dr people will be edgy about you and watch you.

If everyone starts to call you a hacker: Stop the hacking for a little and don't hack at all. Don't hack for about 1-3 games so people can cool off or just leave the game and join another(to avoid to many reports on you). Ignore most of the comments they make at you but you still have to defend yourself. Don't act stupid though. Don't be like "What's chamming or aimbotting?".

Don't hack in a Knife match: Instead of hacking in a knife match just mod your knife. It's the best way not to get caught and it's super fun and builds your K/Dr. I modded my knife into a Skorpion, so I super knife, I attack like 100times in 1hit.

How not to get caught with a modded knife: Don't 1v1 anyone or join small knife games with a modded knife. Always join a big knife game on a small map. If you 1v1 a person they can hear you knife like 100 times and you can easily be caught. When you're in big knife games jump into a big crowd of enemies and teammates and attack as much as you want then run away fast.Don't Attack with a modded knife(If it is a super knife) longer then a second. People can catch on and it will show that you attacked like 100,000,000times with a me I don't think being a low rank with that many knife attacks won't be fishy, lol.

Making Friends: If you know someone is hacking try to make friends with them. But if you think they're hacking and you tell them you hack and they're just legit, then you're caught(just hope he doesn't report you). Ask them if they hack first before anything(In a private chat[as in a friends chat]). If they say and and ask if you do then you can say yes. Ask them where they get their hacks and, if they have better hacks then you, ask if you can have them. If you stay with the hacker, be on their team and back them up(Not by you showing them you hack) by saying he doesn't and stuff. Sooner or later you will have a list of hackers who you can trust.

Hacking on more then one account: This doesn't mean you wont get caught. You can have a Legit account but having more then 1 and hacking on the others can still get you banned. All they have to do is find the IP address of one of your accounts and ban it, then you have your computer banned. Your other accounts will be safe but hey guess what, you're still IP Banned.

Single Life Games: Don't Hack in single life games. People can watch from their cam if they're dead and they can see if you're hacking or not by watching you.~

Chamming: Don't make it so noticeable to make it show that you are chamming. Like don't hide behind a wall looking at the other side with a sniper and sniping people as soon as they walk out. You're reaction time can't be that fast. 1 out of 5 people have a reaction time that fast. Mine is not that fast, my reaction time is .32 and that's fast enough to snipe people walking from behind a wall but not like as soon as they walk out from the wall.

How to Cover Speeding: If you're going to speed just don't do it out of nowhere. Have the Menu(or hotkey) for speed hack ready, activate it when you run(only to 2x) and take it off when you stop. If you do it to much people will catch on.~

No Recoil/Spread: Don't do it with a MG, It's the easiest way for someone to catch you doing it.

Clans and Clan Matches: If you're in a Legit clan don't tell them you hack. Don't hack in a Clan only game because it's unfair and they can know. If you're in a Clan Match don't hack. If you get caught you can lose rep your clan and can get kicked out of your clan.

You never know who may be recording: Don't do hacks that can be easily seen. People can record you doing it and can report you and show them the video. You don't want to get banned.

The best, Best, BEST way not to get caught hacking: Don't Hack.

How to get pass a IP Ban: Sorry, it's a secret. Only friends can know. ~Sneak Peak~ This method allows you to get back in the game and play as nothing has ever happened. Nexon can ban you all they want but you can still get on.(Mostly if you do this you should have more then 1account[mostly about 3-5 and 1legit account{meaning you never hacked on that legit account}] because they will just ban the account and you can't get on it no matter what). If you want to know, you should find a way to befriend me(and not by going to my profile and adding me as a Friend) I mean by talking to me and having a good conversation that you can become my friend.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______
Please Feedback if this helped you or if you have anything to add.
New Stuff/Tips will be in Blue Font.
__________________________________________________ ___________________________
Made By: u54222

Elimination Pro & Search and Destroy:

1) Do not rage hack here, meaning do not use the advanced hacks, simply because you'll be kicked and reported. People tend to screen shot here also. Redirecting to maxx2341's post, do not prefire, unless you have a reason to. Remember, these people aren't ignorant (most of them). A tip on chamming, wait until you see their name, and while you're doing that, if it's someone who already accused you of hacking, do not proceed killing him, or go easy on him, it's best not to keep them alerted.

2) Communication is vital, act within the game. Hackers tend to be nonchalant, or very quiet, giving it off. Argue when they accuse you. Start doing bad when they accuse you, but never start rage hacking after your first accusation. If you're within the SFC rank, it's best to stop rage hacking as it wastes you life (to be honest) to reach that rank again.

3) If killcam is on, use that to your advantage, you can give off locations for a small quantity of time, and you must as well use it. If you killed someone, and you're in the kill cam, act unacknowledged, do not look where the next enemy is, because the person you killed will be suspicious, instead, look around your area.

Elimination, Capture the Flag, Bombing Run, etc:

1) If you have the flag or bomb in Capture the Flag & Bombing Run, have reaction, if someone's chasing you, and in a real scenario, you wouldn't know, don't just turn around and shoot, let them bullets at you a couple of times and then start turning, speed hacking is not recommended or fly hacking as it is noticeable.

2) If you really want to stealthy, do not outshine your team. Don't be first every game, everyone has a bad game or bad day, you should to. If you don't want to die, camp in your base, usually people don't tend to come at you, let your team take a couple of kills.

3) Argue, but if you want to take a couple of kills, tell them you're ignoring them. If there's multiple people accusing you, start doing bad. Again, redirecting from maxx2341, let them cool off.

Rage Hacking:

1 If you want to raise your K/D, don't overdo it. Instead create multiple accounts or play Fireteam, most people don't care if you hack in Fireteam anyways, especially in Cabin Fever. Do not attempt to act legit because your combo might actually be higher. If you're using a public hack, you can turn on all the hacks as they aren't a problem. If your hack features Speed Hack, never run outside like an idiot, the zombies have a aiming system, they're allowed to "headshot" meaning they'll do more damage, don't act like you're invincible.

Receiving Killing Sprees:

1) If you reached an unbelievable do not go over 2 in a row. People tend to be insecure and kick you in you keep it up, instead of making a quick unbelievable, have some delay into your spree, don't get an unbelievable in 5 seconds, legit players struggle for unbelievable, you should act you like you do too. Do not go over two unbelievables unless you're flanking them.

2) If you want to obtain high killing spree and you don't want to be called a hacker, usually you want to flank enemy and kill the enemies from behind or do offensive camping. You do not want to be in front of enemies and easily kill them, it seems more suspicious.

3) Another thing to get higher accolades without being detected is using a Shotgun or any weapons people recall unskillful, usually they'll complain about the weapon instead of the hack.
__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Made By: -HyDrOe-

"Don't hack in a Knife match: I Suggest You Do Not Mod Your Knife, Nexon keeps track of how many shots you fire with each weapon, And like you said it hits like 100 times with 1 slice, you can click on your player profile and if you see someone wit like 100,000,000 shots fired it looks a little fishy, ppl will most likely screeny info like that.
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How not to get caught w/ hacks! Empty
PostSubject: Re: How not to get caught w/ hacks!   How not to get caught w/ hacks! EmptySun Jul 18, 2010 2:05 pm

Friends dont let friends HACK DRUNK.
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How not to get caught w/ hacks!
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