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 coders wanted

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PostSubject: coders wanted   coders wanted EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 10:11 am

We may get a good VIP coder to code for this site and we are also hiring coders as of now So if you or any one you know want to be a coder for this site be happy to apply Pub or vip doesnt matter


Code:VIP orPUB
How long have you been coding:
Post a hack you made:If VIP PM ME THE HACK
Why do you want to code for us:
How long does it take for you to code a Hack:
Do you code for a differ site:
What do you want to get if you code for us:
Do you code in a group:
Would you be able to get more coders for this site:
Do you have msn:
What are you best at coding:like aim bot cham fly
Would you like working with other coders:
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coders wanted
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